September 3, 2020  (Web Review)

Two Times You (Dos Veces Tu)

Synergetic Distribution, 95 min., in Spanish w/English subtitles, not rated; DVD: $19.99, Apr. 14

Reviewer rating: 2.0/4

A Mexican film directed by Salomon Askenazi, Two Times You features close cousins Tania and Dani and their wild actions that result in death and reveal the true relationship between the young women. Tania and Dani attend a wedding reception with their husbands Rodrigo and Benny and engage in celebratory drinking, a little marital bickering, and merriment. Tania and Dani excuse themselves for a moment and Dani proposes a game where the two of them exchange husbands. After switching wedding rings, the young women approach their husbands. While surprised at first, the men agree to the exchange and the partying gets more intense. Heading home, Dani challenges Tania and Rodrigo to a car race resulting in a fatal car crash; Dani and Tania’s husband Benny die in the crash. Relatives are saddened and shocked by the couples switching places. Following the funerals, flashbacks reveal that Tania is the less adventurous of the twins. After Dani’s death, Tania goes to Dani’s apartment and tries to emulate Dani by trying on her clothes and going out with Rodrigo. Next, the film switches to having Tania and Rodrigo die in the crash. Dani reveals a more serious side to herself that Tania is unaware of; Dani finds out she is pregnant and is determined to locate the man who killed her cousin and husband. During the film, Tania reveals that she and Dani are soulmates and the film ends with the two women being together. Demanding close attention, the film includes flashbacks and perspectives from each woman as they reflect on their lives surrounding the car crash. With pleasing music and excellent cinematography, this is an interesting film. Optional purchase. (T. Root)