September 25, 2020  (Web Review)

Tai Chi Fit Over 50: Balance Exercises

(2019) 35 min. DVD: $29.95. YMAA Media. 

Reviewer rating: 4.0/4

Falling is one of the most common risks facing seniors; in this video Master Trainer David-Dorian Ross leads an effective tai chi routine that uses the entire body to improve balance and equilibrium. Part of the series of tai chi for individuals over 50, this video could also be helpful for people with limited mobility. Individuals do not need to memorize the moves but just follow along. Ross’s style is engaging and confidence building. Starting out gradually to support balance, Ross begins the first workout with easy moves—such as embracing the moon—and slowly progresses to more difficult balancing moves that include leaning the body from left to right and lifting the arms or legs in unison. He also includes movements that take the body up and down. Ross points out—when the head moves in one direction, the body tends to follow—thus, practicing changing the eyeline during movement can help stabilize balance. Gradually, the movements get more challenging with these tai chi moves: drawing the bow, crane spreads its wings, needle at the bottom of the sea, and the rooster stands on one leg. For the most challenge, Ross illustrates the crane showing off his wings with arms out and up and one leg lifted at a time. In the second workout, Ross shows how to perform the routine using tai chi wood balls to add weight and provide more challenge. This video is effective as the balancing exercises become more difficult as the routine progresses and the routine engages all parts of the body. Highly recommended. Aud: P. (T. Root)