March 11, 2019  (Web Review)

Show Me Science Advanced: Astronomy—NASA’s Deep Space Exploration

(2018) 14 min. DVD: $44.95. DRA. TMW Media Group ( PPR. Closed captioned.

Reviewer rating: 3.0/4

Interweaving informative narration, literally-out-of-this-world stock footage, and artists renderings, this addition to the Show Me Science series examines the NASA agency’s influence on American culture. Credited with advances in everything from handheld vacuums and sneakers to breathing apparatus for firefighters—as well as major leaps in green movement technology and the medical field (such as robotics and prosthetics)—NASA’s deep space travel programs have a trickle-down effect while also giving us a larger picture of the universe directly stemming from deep space surveillance of, among other locations, the outer planets as seen by Voyager 2 and the view of Mercury’s Caloris basin from NASA’s Mariner 10 spacecraft. The program also provides information on careers in the field—some obvious (astronaut, aerospace engineer), while others are out-of-the-box (budget analysts and IT specialists). Recommended. Aud: I, J, P. (J. Williams-Wood)