September 3, 2020  (Web Review)

My Gun is Quick

Kino Lorber, 91 min., not rated, DVD: $19.99, Blu-ray: $29.99, Mar. 24

Reviewer rating: 3.0/4

Originally released in 1957 by Parklane Pictures and based on Mickey Spillane’s second novel in the Mike Hammer series, My Gun is Quick is a crime film in the film noir genre. Robert Bray stars as Mike Hammer, a tough private investigator who is determined to get revenge for a young prostitute named Red who was found murdered soon after meeting Mike. Red was wearing a ring that Mike and the police determine is part of a jewel collection taken from the Nazis after World War II by Colonel Holloway. Played cleverly by Donald Randolph, Holloway entices Mike to work with him to retrieve the jewels and the plot thickens as several other gangsters pursue the jewels. Several chase scenes in speed boats and fast cars provide lots of action and capture the look of Los Angeles in the fifties; even in black and white, Mike’s showy thunderbird convertible stands out. For Mickey Spillane fans, there are plenty of “dames” and Robert Bray plays the tough crime-fighting, but charming private investigator pretty well– getting into fisticuffs several times and attracting the beautiful gals. A few recognizable lines from the book are memorable, such as how Mike describes his secretary Velda: “she’s got a mind that figures all the angles; I only mind the curves”. Bonus materials include entertaining previews of similar films during this time period: Deadline, Shield for Murder, I, The Jury, and others. A new release from KL Studio Classics, this blu-ray title will be a great addition to film noir collections. Recommended. (T. Root)