May 14, 2018  (Web Review)

Kids and the Church Year

(2017) 59 min. DVD: $59.95. Paraclete Press (avail. from most distributors). PPR. ISBN: 978-1-64060-012-6.

Reviewer rating: 3.0/4

The Catholic Church’s seasonal markers during the calendar year are explained in this accessible program aimed at children. Cheerful host Jenna Donovan, a youth group coordinator from a parish in Newtown, CT, introduces the historical and religious meanings behind Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, the Paschal Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday), and Pentecost. Each segment is bolstered by a brief interlude of bible study to put things into scriptural context, followed by trips to various locales including an art museum, glass-blowing shop, butterfly house, etc., to creatively help children understand the meaning of these special days. Actually, “understand” might be too strong a word for the target audience, so think of this program as an introduction to sacred mysteries that many will reflect on over the course of their lives. Families of practicing Catholics will find this to be a useful discussion starter. Recommended. Aud: P. (T. Keogh)