Video Submissions

How to Submit Titles for Review in Video Librarian or Video Librarian Online

Video Librarian is a bi-monthly magazine aimed at public, school, university, and special libraries. Each issue contains over 200 critical reviews of non-theatrical and theatrical videos.

The guidelines for submitting DVD or Blu-ray titles for review are:

  1. Programs must be new to the marketplace; i.e., available on DVD or Blu-ray for the first time within the past 2-3 months. We are currently not accepting material copyrighted prior to 2016 (with exceptions for historical/archival material, such as, for instance, episodes from older TV programs).
  2. Each review includes the following information: date of production, running time, price, ISBN # (if applicable), captioning information, where it’s available from (physical address, phone number, and website [if applicable]), and whether it includes public performance rights (i.e. is the library free to use the program on the premises?). Please include this information along with a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray title(s).
  3. Due to the volume of submissions, not all titles submitted are reviewed nor are we able to return review copies.
  4. Following publication, a copy of the review will be automatically sent to you.
  5. Submissions may be sent to:
    Video Librarian
    9479 Bayshore Dr. NW, Suite 203
    Silverdale, WA 98383
Video Librarian cover, September-October 2017 issue