“The Recruits” Child Military Program Doc Now Available from The Video Project

The Video Project (www.videoproject.com) has just released filmmakers Carl Brown and Sean Donnelly’s The Recruits (DVD: $89: public libraries; $275: colleges & universities; digital rights available). The Young Marines has existed for over 50 years, but few are aware of this taxpayer-funded military camp for adolescents and teens. Young Marines is a Department of Defense funded youth-oriented military program consisting of tens of thousands of children in more than 300 units across 46 states. Designed to train children on how to think and behave like soldiers as they go through a grueling nine-week recruit process modeled after Marine Corps Boot Camp Training, children as young as eight are taught close order drill, military rank structure, and firearm training with the end goal of training them to think and behave like soldiers. The funding for the program falls under “drug demand reduction” education which is under the bigger umbrella of counter-narco terrorism. The Recruits puts this Department of Defense supported organization under the microscope, investigating its operation as well as its effects on the children enrolled, while also exploring American culture’s infatuation with the military and the consequences of a country desensitized to war.