PBS Video Releases Timely Doc on Artificial Intelligence

On January 14, PBS Video will release In the Age of AI (DVD: $24.99). It’s been called “The New Space Race” and is a favorite topic of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. This time it’s China taking on the United States, and the race is to seize control of a technology with the potential to change everything—the way we work; how we play; how our democracy functions; and how the world could be realigned. FRONTLINE explores some of the ways in which our world is being re-shaped and re-imagined by the technology of artificial intelligence, whose development has been compared to the industrial revolution and the discovery of electricity as an epochal event in human history. The film explores both the peril and the promise of this ascendant technology—tracing the battle between the U.S. and China to harness its power; examining fears about what AI advances mean for the future of work; and revealing how AI algorithms are ushering in an age of both great problem-solving potential and of new and troubling threats to privacy and democracy. In the Age of AI explores how this new technology will transform our world—and some of the ways it already has.