“Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection” Available Now from Kino Classics

Kino Classics has just released Hitchcock: British International Pictures Collection (DVD: 3 discs, $39.95; Blu-ray: 2 discs, $49.95), a compilation of early films by Alfred Hitchcock made during his time at the height of the British film industry that showcase the master filmmaker’s command of the medium and the unique visual style that would soon bring him to the attention of Hollywood. Before he became known as the “Master of Suspense” in Hollywood, Hitchcock had already established himself as a precociously talented filmmaker in England. Included here are four silent films—the atmospheric boxing drama The Ring (1927), sprightly comedies The Farmer’s Wife and Champagne (both 1928), and The Manxman (1929), a love triangle set on the Isle of Man—as well as the 1931 feuding family sound feature The Skin Game. Bonus features include a “Hitchcock/Truffaut: Icon Interviews Icon” archival audio segment with Hitchcock and Francois Truffaut, as well as audio commentaries by film critic Nick Pinkerton and film historian Farran Smith Nehme.