Investigative “Corporate Coup d’Etat” Doc Coming November 12 from First Run

First Run Features has announced the upcoming release of Corporate Coup d’Etat (DVD: $24.95), slated for November 12. Filmmaker Fred Peabody’s investigative documentary examines the detrimental effects of greedy corporations on democracy in the United States, exposing how big businesses and billionaires have taken control of the American political process, and in doing so have brought economic hardship and ruin to vast swaths of the country. Combining insights from political thinkers and journalists with the experiences of citizens in the “sacrifice zones” of Camden, NJ and Youngstown, OH, where factory closures and outsourcing have created a grim landscape of desolation and human suffering, the provocative and revealing Corporate Coup d’Etat shows how our democracy first began selling its soul to big corporations, which opened the door for lobbyists and business-friendly politicians to take control in Washington and undermine the will of the people.