New “Frontline” Documentary “The Abortion Divide” Available Now from PBS

PBS recently released the Frontline documentary The Abortion Divide (DVD: $24.99), which offers a window into the sometimes difficult and deeply personal choices women face with unplanned pregnancy. With intimate access, the film follows women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, doctors and nurses who provide abortions, and those who counsel women against the procedure. In the film, anti-abortion protesters serve as a constant reminder of the intensity of the conflict—and in recent years, there has been an increase in abortion clinic invasions and threats against providers. The program also focuses on nurses and administrators who work at crisis pregnancy centers that cater to low-income pregnant women by offering free services, with a primary goal to support women who choose to keep their baby, and to ultimately encourage them to reject abortion. The Abortion Divide presents a well-rounded look at a timely and deeply contentious issue.