“Creating Woodstock” Doc Slated for July 30 from Cinema Libre

Cinema Libre is releasing Creating Woodstock (DVD: $19.99) on July 30. With the future of the highly anticipated Woodstock 50 music festival unclear, a younger generation may not know that the original “Three Days of Peace and Music” were also plagued by uncertainty, last-minute venue changes, a lack of headliners and permits…and in fact almost didn’t happen. With more than 70 hours of interviews with Woodstock producers, planners, and performers, director Mick Richards, who attended the 1969 festival as a teenager, has created the most comprehensive and deeply researched look back at how the event came to be in the documentary Creating Woodstock. Three decades in the making, the film resurrects the original site blueprints, features interviews with the founders of Woodstock Ventures, and takes viewers from the initial idea of the “happening” to the moments when the last festival goer stumbled off a once pastoral alfalfa field. Including never-before-seen private film and rare archival video footage, and original interviews with key figures, Creating Woodstock also feature first-hand accounts of little known stories woven throughout the film, such as when Jimi Hendrix was stranded at the airport and hitched a ride to the site, or when a bank manager was awoken in the middle of the night to get money to pay The Who—money that needed to be helicoptered to the band before they would go on stage, much like the personal supply of strawberries that Janis Joplin required.