Cinema Libre to Release “Jihadists” Documentary on April 2

On April 2, Cinema Libre will release the documentary Jihadists (DVD: $19.95), filmed in French, English, Arabic, and Bambara. Banned in France (released as “Salafistes”), co-directors Lemine Ould Salem and François Margolin’s Jihadists goes deep into the heart of the Salafi movement to reveal the inner workings of extremist Islam with unparalleled access to fundamentalist clerics of Sunni Islam who proselytize for a “purer” form of Islam–including jihad of the sword–in Mali, Tunisia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Theoretical interpretations are here juxtaposed against images and footage from recruitment videos to show the hardline application of sharia law. Inspiring the Oscar-nominated feature Timbuktu, this documentary paints a stark portrait of everyday life under jihadi rule.