Murray, Belushi, Tomlin, Spielberg and Others in “TVTV” Video Makers Profile, Slated for Release November 20 from First Run Features

First Run Features will release TVTV: Video Revolutionaries (DVD: $24.99) on November 20. Featuring Bill Murray, John Belushi, Lily Tomlin, Hunter Thompson, Steven Spielberg, Bob Dylan, Goldie Hawn, and others, TVTV: Video Revolutionaries provides an insider’s look at Top Value Television, a collective of video makers who in the early 1970s took the brand-new portable video camera and went out to document the world. In those days, the three TV networks used giant studio cameras, and people weren’t used to having a Portapak stuck in their face. Since there were no rules about how to use it, the new video journalists made format-bending satirical shows about whatever struck their fancy—from the ‘72 Republican convention to an expose of a 15-year-old new-age guru to crashing the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl party. Directed by TVTV alum Paul Goldsmith, the film is like opening a treasure chest into the ’70s, filled with cultural and political events captured by now-iconic personalities who were then just beginning their climb to stardom.