Dark Comedy Propaganda Hodgepodge “Atomic Café” Coming December 4 from Kino Classics

Armageddon has never been so darkly funny as in The Atomic Café (DVD: $24.95, Blu-ray: $29.95), slated for release on December 4 from Kino Classics. Co-directed by Kevin Rafferty and Jayne Loader, the 1982 cult classic juxtaposes Cold War history, propaganda, music, and culture, seamlessly crafted from government-produced educational and training films, newsreels, and advertisements. Taken together, these sources cheerily instruct the public on how to live in the Atomic Age, how to survive a nuclear attack, and how to fight and win a nuclear war. Returning to home video in a sparkling 4K digital restoration created by IndieCollect, The Atomic Cafe is an absurdist blast from the past that would be downright laughable if it weren’t so eerily relevant to our saber-rattling present. Bonus features include selected government propaganda films, a Filmwax radio interview with the filmmakers, and audio excerpts from Loader’s CD-ROM “Public Shelter.”