“God Knows Where I Am” Mental Illness Doc Newly Available Re-Priced for Home Video from Juno Films

Newly re-priced for the home video market, God Knows Where I Am (DVD: $24.95) is slated for release on October 23 from Juno Films. Reviewed in VL-5/17, Todd and Jedd Wider’s haunting documentary recounts the life and strange, sad death of Linda Bishop, beginning with the discovery of a woman’s decomposing body in a supposedly abandoned farmhouse in New Hampshire. The authorities finally identified her as the mentally-ill Bishop, who—according to a diary she scrawled while squatting in the unheated house—had been living there for four months, hiding from outsiders and surviving on apples (scrounged from local trees) and rainwater until she died of cold and starvation. Poignant excerpts from the diary are read by Lori Singer as the filmmakers—using footage shot inside the house, combined with interviews of its previous owners, as well as local police—reconstruct Bishop’s last weeks. Poignant, beautiful, spiritual, and deeply disturbing, the film is both a study of systemic failure and also a testament to artistic and independent spirit.