Kino Lorber to Release “Filmworker” Doc on Actor Leon Vitali September 11

Kino Lorber has announced the release of the documentary Filmworker (DVD: $29.95), slated for September 11. Leon Vitali was a rising British television actor when Stanley Kubrick picked him for the role of Lord Bullingdon in Barry Lyndon. That first encounter with the famed auteur proved decisive—Vitali swiftly resolved to devote the rest of his life to working for the director, this time behind the scenes, and took on just about every job available: casting director, acting coach, location scout, sound engineer, color corrector, A.D., promoter, and eventually restorer of Kubrick’s films. Tony Zierra’s affecting documentary enthusiastically recounts Vitali’s days with the notoriously meticulous, volatile, and obsessive director, celebrating the invisible hands that help shape masterpieces. Bonus features include a Q&A with Vitali and Zierra.