“FRONTLINE” Documentary “UN Sex Abuse Scandal” Slated for September 18 from PBS Distribution

PBS Distribution has announced the upcoming release of the new documentary FRONTLINE: UN Sex Abuse Scandal (DVD: $24.99), slated for September 18. Over the past 15 years, the United Nations has recorded more than 1,700 allegations of sexual abuse by its peacekeepers in conflict zones around the world—from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Kosovo, and from East Timor to Haiti. In this program, FRONTLINE investigates how and why the problem of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers has persisted despite U.N. efforts to stamp it out—and why the U.N. has a record of only 53 uniformed peacekeepers and one international civilian peacekeeper being sent to prison for sexual offenses. Correspondent Ramita Navai and the film team track down survivors across the globe who were as young as 10 years old when they say they were raped or exploited by U.N. peacekeepers who were supposed to protect them. A disturbing film that explores the failures and constraints of the U.N.—which has the authority to fire people, but not prosecute them—and the role of member states in dealing with a widespread problem.