“The Lion in Winter” 50th Anniversary Edition Bows March 13 from Kino

Kino will release The Lion in Winter: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray: $29.95) on March 13. Acting greats Peter O’Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, and Timothy Dalton star in this epic 1968 masterpiece directed by Anthony Harvey. Behind the great stone walls of an English castle, the world’s most powerful empire is in crisis. Three sons struggle to win their father’s favor, as well as his crown. King Henry II (O’Toole) and his queen, Eleanor (Hepburn), engage in a battle of royal wits that pits elder son Richard (Hopkins) against his brothers John (Nigel Terry) and Geoffrey (John Castle), while the cunning King Philip of France (Dalton) takes advantage of the internal fracturing in his bid to destroy their kingdom. Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Actor (O’Toole), Director (Harvey) and Costume Design (Margaret Furse), and the winner of Oscars for Best Actress (Hepburn), Adapted Screenplay (James Goldman) and Music Score (John Barry), bonus features on this Blu-ray debut made from a 2016 4K restoration include audio commentary by Harvey, and an interview with sound recordist Simon Kaye.